It’s the famous question every bartender gets whenever tourists come to Kentucky: What’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey? Many people give answers to this question, although some aren’t factual! So, what are the things that actually separate these two delicious and unique arts? Luckily our friends Jim Beam have been able to help us dissect the two, for real!

See their condensed list below:

1) Bourbon is made in the United States of America; not just Kentucky, even though 95% of it comes from the state.
2) Bourbon is free from additives: Whiskeys will add flavoring or coloring into the batch. The only thing that can be added to Bourbon to keep its true Bourbon form is water.
3) Bourbon is aged for two years, minimum: Even though two years is the limit, we all know that the longer bourbon ages the more mellow and delicious it becomes. So, take your time!
4) Bourbon is fermented with at least 51% corn: The sweet taste of corn is found in bourbons, which makes bourbon “whiskey’s sweet spot.”
5) Distilled at no more than 160 proof: Capping the proof on this delicious drink makes sure it keeps it rich flavor. For this, we are grateful!
6) Stored in new, charred oak barrels: Storing in new, charred-oak barrels allows Bourbon to have it’s rich and deep flavor. Not to mention, it won’t get past 125 proof in these barrels (if done correctly). Again, it’s all about preserving the flavor and authenticity of the bourbon.

As we’re sure you’ve heard before: All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. The regulations placed on the bourbon exclusivity is what makes this drink such as well-respected art. Contact us today to schedule your bourbon barrel tour in Kentucky – come see for yourself!